Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baohuanghui Scholarship News

A striking poster of the "Chinese Empire Ladies Reform Association" came our way thanks to Raymond Lum of the Harvard-Yenching Library, showing the officers of the Victoria branch of this women's auxiliary, its founder Kang Tongbi, her father and BHH President Kang Youwei, Vice President Liang Qichao, and the Guangxu Emperor, 1903.  The Library also has letters from Kang Tongbi in its Rare Book collection.  View the poster here.

Using the extensive materials available in Canada, historian Zhongping Chen of the University of Victoria will be giving a paper on Kang Youwei and the Baohuanghui in Canada at the ASPAC (Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast) conference at Portland State University June 18-20, 2010.  He is also planning to organize a panel at the 2011 national meeting of the Association of Asian Studies in Honolulu tentatively titled ""Toward the 1911 Revolution: The Interactions between Reformers and Revolutionaries in the Transpacific Chinese Diasopora."

Also coming in 2011 will be a docu-drama about Kang Youwei, Kang Tongbi, Datong Shu, and the Baohuanghui and their relevance to today's China by Hong Kong and New York filmmaker Evans Chan. He filmed an interview with independent scholar Jane Leung Larson in New York this spring and has done extensive filming in the U.S., Sweden, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Guangdong, speaking with many scholars and visiting historic sites.

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